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Portion Control, Water Soluble Packets, and Chemical Tablet Technology

The term portion control has been used for many years and has a wide variety of application methods. With the rising costs of freight and the increasing prevalence of cost-conscious customers and suppliers, the concept of portion control continues to be a very important topic of conversation. Over the past several decades, Kem-Tech Labs has witnessed just about every marketing concept developed for portion control while closely studying the many flaws associated with them. As a matter of fact, we’ve developed products for every one of these systems and observed the many problems associated with each and every one.

At Kem-Tech Labs, our learning experience has guided us to what we consider the most fool proof methods for optimum portion control marketing. The use of tablet technology and water soluble packets enables us to provide proven innovative chemical technologies in concentrated forms. Many chemistries lend themselves to tableting and some don't. We don’t know of any company offering the combined technologies found only at Kem-Tech Labs.

Cleaning Chemical Tablets and Portion Control Packets

CleaningChemicalsWhether your company needs just a few thousand units or a larger quantity for production run, Kem-Tech Labs is your company of choice. We’re very familiar with the typical tablet and pouch producing companies and how difficult it is to work with them. If you aren’t pursuing an order of millions of tablets or packets, the chance of our competitors working with you is unlikely.

Kem-Tech Labs doesn’t require our customers to place massive, long run orders. As a matter of fact, we look forward to working on start-up projects as well those already in the production phase. Our expertise has always been in the innovative formulation and manufacturing side of the institutional and industrial chemical cleaning industry. Kem-Tech Labs also offers exceptional private labeling and custom packaging services for your proprietary chemical cleaning products.

Many of our best customers began with just an idea or an opportunity. Through our mutually beneficial partnerships, Kem-Tech Labs has been able to work closely with our customers, sharing in the growth of their individual product lines. All of our products are already performing in today’s markets.

Contact the chemical portion control specialists at Kem-Tech Labs today to discuss your tablet technology and water soluble packet needs.

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